Investments in crude oil, gas and petrol.

We guide you through the investment process so you can make smart financial decisions. We'll help you manage it and set sound financial goals - and we'll explain in simple language key investment concepts, different types of investments and answer any questions you may have.

Buying crude oil, petrol and gas.

Our company serves companies that wish to purchase the said materials through our intermediation, i.e. we offer the buyer the prices of the said materials from sources and countries that export crude oil at competitive prices.

Sales of crude oil, petrol and gas

Our company serves companies that want to sell the mentioned materials through our mediation, that is we help selling companies to find potential buyers of the mentioned materials from different countries.

Our services guarantee a smooth transaction

Oil and gas buyers and/or sellers are constantly striving to explore and expand their supply base. They are looking for the most competitive price, high product quality and an extremely efficient and flawless delivery service. Vera Konsult AB offers its customers (both buyers and sellers) a fair, reliable, efficient and professional service.

We make sure to determine the best way forward given the client's specific requirements, contact the client personally and help to get started with the best suited counterparty. We serve qualified buyers and/or sellers who are serious about expanding their international business transactions.

Clients can benefit greatly from our expertise in sourcing goods, products and services and get rid of the never-ending stress of finding genuine buyers or sellers and letting our professional team work for them.

Eligibility and compliance for crude oil, gas and petrol trading

Traders who trade through us will undergo our rigorous and comprehensive checks and background checks and must be certified to successfully complete transactions. We ensure the smoothest possible experience when selling/purchasing and delivering fuel.

We welcome you to take the opportunity to put our resources and expertise to work for you.

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