About family law

Family law is an area that requires very careful and compassionate handling, due to the deeply personal and often painful nature of the issues discussed.

At this difficult time, you need to know that you have a supervisor you can rely on to handle the case emotionally and with the utmost professionalism, and that's where we come in. We have a wealth of experience in such matters and are here to offer the expert advice you need right now.

Mediation, divorce and custody

Our expertise includes matrimonial law and divorce and everything that goes into this area.

If your marriage ends, we can guide you through the divorce and make things as smooth as possible to avoid unnecessary distress. We can also help you secure a custody arrangement with your children's welfare in mind and make sure everything possible is done to ensure their emotional and physical well-being.

What we can help you with

All aspects of family law are covered.

  • Custody disputes
  • Maintenance disputes
  • Relationship disputes
  • Housing
  • Sharing of property
  • Application for sole custody
  • Partner agreement
  • Divorce
  • Marriage agreement

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